France’s richest families control major luxury companies Hermes, Longchamp and Chanel

French business magazine Challeges has released its annual ranking of France’s wealthiest. Three major exceptions are resisting the downward trend: the families behind Hermès International and Longchamp. In the case of Hermes, families gathered in what is often called the holding “anti-LVMH”, composed of members of Dumas clans, Puech and Guerrand. With more than 60% of the capital of the saddle, their fortunes took off with the jump in the action group to 2.8 billion euros in turnover, and rises to 17.4 billion euros of wealth .

These resistant from three distinct families and are more than 42% richer than last year (!) … But they will add wealth harvested by Nicolas Puech, the brother of Bertrand, Member of the Supervisory Board of Hermes but not of the family holding company recently formed. It holds 6% stake in Hermes and sees his fortune swelled to over 400 million euros in 2012, showing a rise of almost 37% of his fortune compared to 2011.

More discreet than the media-Hermès clan, in the eye of the storm since the arrival of LVMH’s capital, we find Wertheimer, with whom Coco Chanel set up her company at the beginning of last century. “In 2011, Wertheimer hit 380 million euros in dividends for the last three years indicates Challenges. It is 65% higher than the previous three-year dividend in 2008.” Result, Alain Wertheimer and his family in 2012 have an estimated fortune of 5.6 billion euros, against 4.5 estimated last year .

Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, owners of Chanel

Challenges Top 500 richest French places once again Bernard Arnaud, the owner of LVMH, the largest international luxury group at the top position, with an estimated fortune of 21.2 billion euros. This figure  is down 60 million euros compared to the same assessment in July 2011. To explain this significant drop, Challenges points to fruitless investment of Bernard Arnault in the capital of Carrefour (9.2%), whose value has declined by half in his opinion a year. The French family that occupies the most active sphere people for over a year is no exception to the rule. This is the 4th largest found the Bettencourt, whose people are heirs to the addition of a number accompanying this annual ranking of Challenges. Their fortune is estimated at 15.3 billion euros, down 12.57% from the 2011 assessment

Another family of French with a booming luxury business is the Cassegrain family which owns 100% of Longchamp. The head of the family, Philippe Cassegrain, son of the founder of the house, has seen his fortune grow by 66.7% over the 2011 assessment. The Longchamp family , composed of both son and daughter of Philippe Cassegrain has lifted this year in 55th place in the standings, a strong empire to 390 million euros of annual turnover.