Zegna’s revolutionary approach to Facebook

Zegna Facebook page

Italian luxury menswear house Ermenegildo Zegna is changing the way consumers see its Facebook page, by incorporating an augmented reality feature that gives users secret mobile videos to future campaigns.

The brand is using the Aurasma mobile application that scans the Zegna profile picture and shows consumers a video of the upcoming contemporary art installation at MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome. This is the first time that a marketer has used Aurasma technology on Facebook, claims the vendor. The contemporary art installation is part of Zegna grand ZegnArt project which will span four continents over 3 years.

Zegna has bneen one of the pioneers among luxury brands embracing new technologies – was the first brand to live-stream a fashion show via a dedicated mobile app, as it did with its Zegna Live app, claims the brand. Zegna also launched a 3D virtual shopping experience called Zegna In Store, where consumers could tour a commerce-enabled brand store from their iPads

adapted from luxurydaily.com