Zegna – number one luxury fashion brand in Romania

CPP Management Consultants has conducted during January and February 2009 a review for brands active on the local fashion market for men. All data collected by consultants through mystery shopping combined with reviews of at least 10 returning customers per each shop shows that Ermenegildo Zegna is the most appreciated luxury brand on the market, scoring 83 points. According to data, the seven brands have obtained scores raging from five to nine, with nine being the greatest possible score. Throughout the criteria used for the review we used: the general ambience of the store, the employees attitude, variety of products, customers service, post sale services and even parking space.
Among the seven brands we can mention Canali, a brand brought in franchise by fam. Seitan, Scabal, Ermenegildo Zegna, Mengotti, Victoria 46, stores that are currently in the Solmar Group portfolio and The Place.
Part of Alsa Fashion Group, Zegna first started as a multibrand concept. Starting with 2007, the store is a monobrand franchise, currently being the most luxurious location of its type. We can also see this from the high scores given by consumers. The frequent changes of locations for the Zegna store and the instability of part of its human resources have been until now the most important challenges faced by Alsa.
On second place is Canali, the store in Bucharest being among the most successful Canali boutiques in Europe.
Pal Zileri, another brand from the Alsa fashion Group portfolio, is number three in the review, with the brand being a constant prefference for romanian customers, starting with the nineties.
In spite of being the first luxury mens fashion brand introduced in the Romanian market in the early 90’s, Scabal has not managed to remain on the top position, especially due to its customer service challenges and lack of an established brand awareness in the market. Currently Scabal is on the 4th place, with 75 points.
The Place is still regarded as the place to shop for exclusive, niche luxury fashion brands in Bucharest. The Place’s resemblance to many Parisian concept boutiques has definitely helped its strong market awareness. However, the departure of its top management has left the company to a decrease in the quality of service a products, something that have made the customers place it on the 5th position, with 72 points.
The leader of the multibrand luxury fashion market (from a turnover point of view), Victoria 46 is part of Solmar which relies on its Mango, Promod and Castro mass market brands. The store is ranked 6th, with 59 points.
Last place goes to Mengotti, which benefited from a large investment, over 1.5 million euros, but still remains a multibrand no coherent strategy. International luxury brands commericial manager who have visited Bucharest in the past 2 years call it the beautiful store with no concept or business strategy (including executives of brands currently distributed by Mengotti). Under the current economic conditions and with related strategy issues, it is believed that Mengotii will not make it through this year.