Zegna launches new luxury High Performance watches

In 1985, Ermenegildo Zegna created a revolution in menswear with the launch of High Performance, a new way of wearing wool that fundamentally changed the way in which the business suit was perceived and worn by cosmopolitan gentlemen all over the world who wanted an all natural solution to the challenges of life on the go. High Performance wool used a high twist superfine pure Australian merino wool yarn that both enhanced crease resistance and delivered quite remarkable levels of ‘spring-back’. The combination of the innovative weaving methods and the high twist yarn created a fabric with an unprecedented breathability that, together with its weight of only 190 grams, enabled men to wear wool all year round and in all climates, not just in autumn and winter.

Today, Ermenegildo Zegna has taken the High Performance concept that it pioneered with fabrics and clothing and applied it to the wristwatch. The result is the new range of High Performance timepieces. With the new High Performance Collection, Zegna pursue collaboration with Girard Perregaux, the manufacturers of the previous Zegna watches – the anniversary watches for China and Turkey and the Monterubello watch.

The collection consists of two distinct styles, High Performance Chronograph in black ceramic – available with a black or a white dial – and High Performance Sea Diver in stainless steel. The dual high performance timepieces make use of the latest breakthroughs and newest materials in watch making. They are inspired by sports-driven technologies such as the ceramic components used within top-class automobiles and they lend sophisticated precision to everyday elegance.

High Performance Chronograph by Ermenegildo Zegna