Zegna focuses communications strategy on China

A Rose Reborn short movie by Zegna

Zegna’s latest short movie series, entitled A Rose Reborn directed by Park Chan-wook, a South Korean director known for his edgy style. Italian luxury menswear house Ermenegildo Zegna said in a statement that they targeted Chan-wook for his “unique storytelling, symbolism and visual sensibility.” The script was collaboratively written by Chan-wook, the Korean screenwriter Chung Chung-hoon, and the Japanese screenwriter Ayako Fujitani.

“A Rose Reborn” tells the story of Stephen (Jack Huston) a young and successful London engineer who is pressured to sell his business to an eccentric Chinese billionaire. The first episode of the series, “You’re Not Wearing That,” premiered on social media on September 15 and is available for viewing on YouTube.

The series not only showcases Zegna’s target consumer, but also weaves him into a narrative compelling enough to keep viewers interested. According to Courtney Scott, industry expert and lead planner at Huge, New York, this strategy can create a stronger connection between brand and consumer.

Zegna is not the first luxury brand to take a cinematic approach to marketing. Miu Miu has been working on an “extensive film series celebrating women.” On August 28, the latest film in the Women’s Tales series, Miranda July’s “Somebody,” was presented at the Venice Film Festival. Lamborghini also promoted the release of a new model with a four-part interactive video series.

Watch the new Zegna movie http://arose-reborn.zegna.com/en/movie-trailer/