Y-3 to develop the first apparel collection for space travel

A collaboration between Y-3 and Virgin Galactic, the new space apparel collection project was launched at the never-before-seen SPACETRAVE where the extraordinary WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo are housed.

Upon first look the all-black flight boots look simply technical and utilitarian to a pilot but once examined closer, small details that catered to both flight and a bit of style presented itself. The calf-high boot utilized a mixed palette of leather, rubber and synthetic fibers that as a whole almost resembled gear for a snowboarder or athletic hiker.

The outer TRAXION™ sole was incredibly rugged — sharp lugs protruded at multiple angles that looked as if it were meant for walking on the moon, while the leather accenting and rubber around the toe box felt familiar and very terrestrial. The interior was lined with NOMEX, a synthetic fiber found in racing suits that carried both lightweight, breathable attributes along with a fire resistant quality for safety. Styling-wise, the pilot’s name is embroidered along the laterals a contrasting white, while a black-on-black Y-3 embroidery was also found at the lower heels in bold font, and adidas’ iconic three stripes wrapped the rear in what appeared to be a reflective material.

Departing from the white, bulky space suits synonymous with NASA and space travel both past and present, the Y-3 x Virgin Galactic flight suits were slim, synthetic one-piece garments that were reminiscent more of a wetsuit than one fit for space. Each garment is custom made for each pilot that would be responsible for its mission to space, and are thus measured to the exact measurements of each for the best fit possible.

Y-3 Virgin Galactic Space Apparel