Worst ranked international luxury hotels

Ritz Paris

In a recent review of TRIPADVISOR, the portal which has become the ultimate ranking web site for hotels worldwide, has revealed some huge surprises when it comes to famous five star hotels which are ranked among the worst in their cities and thefore the worst worlwide.

The RITZ Paris tops this chart, with the worst ranking on the Tripadvisor site, being ranked as the 288th hotel in Paris, the first ranks being occupied by Four Seasons George V and the Park Hyatt Vendome. So, we could not help but wonder what has happened to the famous Parisian landmark hotel to be more than 200 places behind its direct competitor, Vendome Park Hyatt being its direct neighbour. Over 50% of the Ritz Paris reviews mention the very poor quality of service, which no longer compensates with its stunning architecture, decor and amenities.

Another such shocking example is provided by the PLAZA, the New York legendary hotel featured in numerous movies which used to be the ”home”  of many top international celebrities. Since the building changed ownership and underwent a major renovation process, the PLAZA reopened under the management of FAIRMONT Hotels. The Plaza now ranks 102nd among all hotels in New York and is not even included in the five star hotel review category for the city of New York. So what went wrong ? The much hailed renovation seems to have done more but harm to the reputed building, many of those who reviewed the hotel on Tripadvisor mention the poor quality of the renovation works. Also, the majority of reviews mention the fact the hotel, which was once an institution in New York, is now a lackluster hotel, the only remaining attraction being the famous OAK Bar which is, not surprisingly, operated by a different company. This is yet another example of how greed overcomes good sense and makes reputed hotel companies such as Fairmont accept to manage a property which is unworthy of its standard, let alone the huge expectations of those who previously stayed with Plaza.

Oliver Petcu