World’s safest smartphone or yet another brilliant marketing exercise?

Dubbed the ‘Snowden Phone’, the Blackphone has the ability to make and receive calls without being bugged or hacked. The device is apparently so secure that it doesn’t allow telcos or any apps to take any data — the lifeline of any phone app, social media outlet or data company.

The Geneva-based company which was co-founded by Phil Zimmermann, John Callas and Mike Jake, now employs just under 130 staff. Recently Mike Janke told “We have grown from 2013 1,170 percent in revenue, which is insane,” adding “We expect to hit $1bn in revenue by 2016 at this pace, if we just keep this pace,”

Whistleblower Edward Snowden gave the phone his endorsement, which initially saw governments rail against it, until they investigated it further and started ordering it in their hundreds. Five heads of state and four royal families use a Blackphone — they also have an iPhone, Janke admits, but says there’s a need for privacy.

Over the next four months, Silent Circle will launch two more devices, including a tablet that Janke believes will change boardrooms around the world. The table will be launched at Mobile World Congress in March, followed by the launch of a larger, faster phone.

Blackphone Switzerland