World’s most expensive perfume, The Royalé Dream

Inspired by the multidisciplinary conception of crafts and beauty explored during the Renaissance, World Of Diamonds Group and Cuarzo The Circle Author Perfumes have partnered to bring into reality an ultra-luxurious masterpiece fated to become the quintessential cynosure and evocative panacea of our zeitgeist.

The Royalé Dream perfume: a singular piece of art that welds the mastery of perfumery and jewelry to the golden proportion. A sumptuous electric blue treasure chest securing the three newly created most exclusive perfumes in the world. A trinity of over-worldly fragrances filled with gold flakes and colored diamonds, and garneted with a Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Ring.

Three fragrances to sublimate physics, emotions and intellect. The Royalé Dream curates reality through a philosophy of unification between perceived beauty and unconscious functionality. Integrating the golden ratio in both design and in the proportion of which the ingredients and noble materials are combined, The Royalé Dream’s fragrances infuse a proprioceptive effect in the wearer, enhancing the configuration of body and mind.