World’s first robot-staffed hotel opens in Japan

The recently opened  Henn-na Hotel, or ‘Strange Hotel,’ in Japan is the world’s first automated, robot-staffed hotel, replacing people with pretty, lifelike lady humanoid receptionists and a bow tie-wearing, dinosaur concierge.

At the Henn-na Hotel, or ‘Strange Hotel,’ guests check in, check out, get their rooms cleaned and their luggage conveyed by a fleet of blinking, beeping and rolling robots that the hotel describes as “warm and friendly.” Rooms are keyless and guests can access their rooms via facial recognition technology. Other cutting edge technology features include a porter robot, that will transport luggage to guest rooms, and a self-service cafe which serves snacks and drinks from a vending machine.

The use of robots and the emphasis on automated services is part of a bigger concept: to reduce labor costs, save energy, reduce waste, and develop a self-sufficient hotel powered by solar energy and machines. For example, rooms have no minibars, lights are motion-sensored, and rooms are cooled using an energy-efficient radiant panel air conditioning system.

The hotel is part of the Dutch theme park Huis Ten Bosch in Sasebo, Nagasaki, with expand across Japan and abroad. Future plans also include the addition of Chinese and Korean languages to the robots’ repertoire.