World’s first condominium for cars only to be developed in Miami

Co-developers Louis Birdman and Jay Massirman are the people behind AutoHouse a condominium style building that houses only cars. The seven story building will boast 45 units with each unit offering roughly just enough space to house two cars. Prices per unit start at $350,000.

The building’s largest unit however will offer a floor space of around 2,200 square feet and is priced at $1.5 million. Buyers with deep enough pockets can also buy multiple spaces and combine them across a whole floor.

Polished concrete floors, hurricane-resistant windows, and in-unit climate controls are features in every unit. Additionally owners are invited to add their own personal touches like a T.V., sofa or even a wet bar. A security officer remains on the premises for 24 hours while a concierge can arrange to have your car delivered to you whenever you need it.

The building is far from being constructed at this stage, but units are already on sale and Birdman believes they will drum up enough interest and capital to finish construction by 2018. He believes that the service will be a boon to many.

The building may take on a life of its own as there are plans to create a member’s only club on the penthouse level and a detail shop on the ground floor so that cars can be washed and tuned onsite.