What luxury brands should learn form Steve Jobs of Apple

Steve Jobs APPLE

Steve Jobs is not only one of the very few true innovators on a worlwide scale, but also a innate visionary and marketer. Every single product he created has revolutionized the way consumers perceive them. All Apple products are stylish, easy to use and very portable. For instance, the newly launched IPAD leaves no room for any tablet PC’s, regardless of their manufacturer and type. It is a personal computer with multimedia facilities which customers can take with them everywhere.

Tens of international luxury brands already have an IPOD and IPHONE application, some for shopping, some for simply advertising, yet none of the luxury brands has understood so far the power of IPHONES. The key behind Steve Job’s philosophy is to create new products which are not necessarily a need but this need can be educated and nurtured. This is how each Apple product came to the market without responding to a specific need, rather created waves of trends and even inspired other companies to innovate.

This is also the very thing that luxury brands have in common with Apple, most products being created as an innovation. Then, it is all about marketing and communications to create the desire for the luxury branded products. The major difference between luxury brands and Apple is that they can no longer afford to compromise on quality and wearability, which is not the case for Apple. For example, the new IPAD is not running Flash, which is the most widely used program to view media files. Also, the IPAD runs Safari as the only internet browser. Yet, all these functional issues, are ”counter balanced” by the portability and design features.

Does this mean that luxury brands can still create products people do not need or never even imagined they would need ? The answers is YES. Yet, this can only be achieved through a perfect blend between quality and innovation. Unlike in the case of Apple products, innovation does not suffice in luxury.

Oliver Petcu