Wealthy Bulgarians give up on luxury

Businessmen from the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Burgas have started to give up their yachts as they are unable to finance the monthly payments for their recent luxury purchases.
This trend caused by the effects of the global financial and economic crisis is most likely going to lead to the bankruptcy of Bulgarian yacht selling companies as they will also be unable to finance their debts.
Yacht sales ranging between EUR 100 000 and EUR 300 000 recently saw a boom in Bulgaria as the business really took off in the recent years.
In 2008, only the Hypo Leasing company financed the purchases of over 100 yachts in Bulgaria, which were worth over EUR 45 M in total.
At the beginning of April 2009, Bulgarias National Revenue Agency announced it started to inspect the assets of the owners of 230 luxury yachts in Bulgaria as part of its program to combat fraud.