VUITTON sanctioned over misleading advertising on manufacturing

British Advertising regulatory authority sanctioned LOUIS VUITTON for allegedly misleading consumers with its recent advertising campaigns depicting artisans which manufacture its products. The authority has banned the two ads which were suggesting that its products are entirely made by hand by its artisans. The Bristish authority did not argue that Vuitton might use hand made production, but mostly for failing to inform the public as to which extent its products are still manufactured.

CPP-LUXURY.COM warned of such consequences back in February this year when Vuitton launched this advertising campaign. It is widely known that only part of the production process of Vuitton products is hand made, most of the processes being automatic. This campaign is only the opening tip for a much deeper debate which will eventually reach the ”Made in France” label of the VUITTON products, especially knowing many leather processes are performed outside France. One such example is the closely guarded factory of LOUIS VUITTON in Sibiu, Romania which has been in operation for more than 5 years.