VIGNES, a young leatherwear brand – a rare story of luxury ‘Made in France’

Everything often starts with a love story, this began in Paris, while Anne was a student at the Beaux Arts, and at the Ecole du Louvre. At 20 years old, meeting Bertrand Vignes changed her entire life. It was «La Boheme» in a small shared room with love as a dowry, and a deep and shared taste for Art and Creation.

The story of Bertrand Vignes himself, begins when he was only fourteen. One day, he finds an article on George William Dickinson, director of luxury shoemaker John Lobb.  He made up his mind, Bertrand Vignes will become a shoemaker. Armed with his degree, he moves to Paris a few years later, meets Anne, and is hired at luxury French men’s shoemaker JM Weston. Later on, arriving at John Lobb, as a boot-maker, his childhood dream came true.

For Bertrand Vignes, putting together precious skins is a permanent trait of his craft as leather master, and a distinct feature of the VIGNES brand DNA, all skins do not have the same background or the same meaning in the history of leather goods.

For instance, python and iguana, have been increasingly promoted by fashion. However, in terms of qualitative gradation, crocodile is the real luxury when it comes to precious leather. The great advances in recent years in terms of luxury leather goods, primarily stand at the technical level: the tanning, the finishing touches, and the creativity going into the work of the skins. Before, the crocodile was tanned as a brilliant but always rigid material, construed with a certain formality.

Then, more recently, the crocodile has become soft and matte, like the bag Berti of VIGNES. Under the impetus of fashion and pressure from creators, always novelty seeking, tanners have hired designers in charge of finishing the work, and of the style of the skins, which was absolutely not the case before. There was no communication between the tannery and the creators.

As for Anne Vignes, Head of Creation of VIGNES, she conducts the Men & Women segments of Maison VIGNES, giving the axis and substance of each Collection. In less than 2 decades the Vignes couple established VIGNES as a reference in relation to Haute Leather Goods and Know How.

Every single VIGNES creation has a story -  The ‘Do’ bag by VIGNES

Enigma of a mask of Papua, ritual totems of Black Africa in the lofty firmament of starry skies, mysterious and huge statues of Easter Island … A trip back to the cradle of civilizations and peoples amid a vibrant, exuberant and powerful Nature, where wild animals roam in the heart of an African night … Or a simple stroll to the « Arts Premiers » of quai Branly, and a pure and single musical note, far away, and yet so close, an original and primal sound at the beginning of the world and its creation.

« Do » the lovely C note in French, sometimes high, sometimes low, drawing on crocodile leather as on a melodic staff, the joyful symphony of a bag like none other. The back of crocodile is indeed a portion of precious skin that has been seldom used in Upper Leather. Anne and Bertrand Vignes launched anew a design challenge with the bag « Do », a tribute to this rebellious and unique skin, and to these civilizations they are particularly fond of. They conceived a classic bag in its appearance, but very «Rock & Roll» in mind, with these movements and dynamics imposed by the skin itself.

A beautiful square crocodile bag lights up the life of its natural rough patches of skin, on its edges. The center of the square, like as a raised design, tells great stories, such as those of an intrepid explorer, citizen of the world, who plays as a heroine of «Out of Africa» like an Ariadne and the thread of her moods and passions. « Do » always sets the tone, flawlessly, and perfectly illustrates this unusual and travelling universe of the Maison VIGNES.

VIGNES workshop is based in Nice, Cote d’Azur and the Maison has 4 boutiques – Paris, Nice, St Tropez, Tokyo and a corner in St Moritz at the Souvreta House Hotel