Vetements moves headquarters and design office from Paris to Zurich

The French fashion label Vetements has moved its headquarters and design office from Paris to Zurich. One reason for the move is the lower taxes, but CEO Guram Gvasalia’s vision is to put Zurich on the world map as a fashion capital.

The French fashion label Vetements has moved its headquarters from Paris to Zurich. “As of now, our headquarters and our design office are in Zurich,” CEO Guram Gvasalia told the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger.

Gvasalia himself moved to Zurich last June and founded Vetements Group AG. The company has now started operations in Zurich’s Binz neighbourhood in a four-storey building. The headquarters consists of the design office, an atelier for producing prototypes, a photo studio, management and marketing offices as well as the archive for past collections.

The first 40 employees have already moved from their former workplaces in Paris and Düsseldorf to Zurich. The remaining employees are expected to move by September at the latest.

Gvasalia explained that lower taxes are one of the reasons behind the move to Zurich. But it’s not the only reason. “We couldn’t grow any more in Paris,” said Gvasalia. “It takes nine months until I can bring a new employee to the country.”

“My goal is to put Zurich on the world map as a fashion city,” said Gvasalia. “And my dream is that Zurich will one day be linked to fashion.”

Vetements Spring Summer 2017