VERTU makes smart move in launching a smart phone

As it has become more and more aware that its customers demand more than just voice and text messaging, luxury mobile phone brand VERTU has eventually decided to launch its own smart phone. Rich consumers carrying a Vertu and a smart phone such as Iphone or Blackberry have become a common sight these days. Even the richest are now spending more and more time online and use email as a primary means of communication, not to mention mobile internet.

The first smart phone of VERTU which is called Constellation Quest, is a full QWERTY device with an analogue clock, that adjusts to the user’s location and a backup and sync service called Vertu Constellation Quest uses a candybar design and can be made out of polished stainless steel or 18k Gold, according to the customer’s preferences.

As far as the specifications are concerned, the phone is rumored to feature a 2.36 inch display, a camera with LED flash, two touch sensitive buttons above the display and a 3.5mm audio jack. Vertu City Brief is also installed, as a location aware mobile concierge, providing access to information on cities all over the world.