VERTU Constellation Quest Pink smart phone

Nokia’s luxury division VERTU has unveiled this week its Constellation Quest Pink smart phone. Vertu provides technical assistance 24 hours a day with Vertu Remote Assist, a unique offering in the mobile phone market. Should a customer not be able to resolve an issue with a handset via instruction from Vertu’s technical support team, with the user’s consent, a technician can remotely access the phone in order to resolve any technical or set up queries.

Constellation Quest introduces, a service that provides the user with a Vertu email account and effortless harmonisation of the device’s lifestyle and business tools. Should the customer choose, the user’s emails, contacts, calendar and task information can be automatically synchronised with Vertu’s secure servers, giving the benefit of protected back up of their data. Vertu offers the consumer  peace of mind, as should the handset be lost, this data can be retrieved and seamlessly downloaded to a replacement phone. The system also ensures that whenever the account is accessed, whether from the phone, a home or office computer (PC and Mac) or via the web, this information is up to date.