Vertu acquired by Chinese investors

EQT VI has completed the sale of Vertu Corporation Limited, the leading manufacturer of luxury mobile phones and related accessories to a group of international private investors.

VERTU designs, manufactures and sells luxury mobile phones and related accessories in over 66 countries through its own retail stores, independent distributors and more recently through its eCommerce platform. Since its establishment in 1998 as a subsidiary of Nokia, VERTU has been a major international player in luxury mobile phones. VERTU is headquartered in Church Crookham, UK and has over 800 employees worldwide.

EQT VI acquired VERTU in 2012. During EQT VI’s ownership, VERTU has transferred the Company’s operating system from Symbian to Google’s Android, launched a range of new devices that are industry leading both from a design and technology point of view, and made substantial investment in go-to-market approach to step change customer experience. This renewed customer centric strategy has resulted in a successful improvement of Vertu’s luxury brand positioning.

Vertu Signature Touch