Verdura Resort Sicily unveils new villas

Rocco Forte’s first wellness-focused, countryside retreat, Verdura Resort, occupies a gated parcel of land that faces a pristine stretch of the Mediterranean sea. Already a stellar hideaway for couples, Verdura increased its appeal for families and large groups in June with the debut of three expansive villas.

Each of the new freestanding accommodations features three bedrooms, spacious living areas, a kitchen, a dining room, and a private terrace with a pool. But, it’s the sleek, opulent interiors by Verdura’s stylish co-founder, Olga Polizzi, that set the bungalows apart. Graced with diaphanous fabrics, large windows, and white and blue hues that mirror the sea and sky outside, the villas showcase the rugged landscape’s captivating allure. Throughout, original art works and statuary reference the region’s rich history—a nod to sense of place that Polizzi incorporates into all her hotel’s interiors.

“This one has a distinctive Sicilian flair,” says Irene Forte, Polizzi’s niece and Sir Rocco Forte’s daughter, who implemented Verdura Resort’s flagship, destination spa concept. Verdura villa guests not only have access to the resort’s myriad amenities—from tennis courts to four distinctive restaurants to an acclaimed golf course—but they also receive airport transfers, personal golf carts and daily reserved, private beach cabanas.