Valentino’s unexpected advertising campaign

Valentino creative team took their vision to another level. “Expect the unexpected”- enter the funniest side of The London Diary is an ad video starring the Rockstud spike bag. It is a continuation of their Rockstud Spike Campaign from Spring and the first video in which Londoners shared their life essentials, aka Valentino, Valentino, Valentino.

Yesterday, Valentino published two teasers of a brand new candid camera video from the streets of London. Just like in Serendipity, in the first teaser we see a vendor by the stand selling a whole lot of Rockstud Spike bags in Shoreditch market for a cheap price, persuading potential buyers that it’s not fake. Is it really real Valentino, people wondered. Watch the video to see their hilarious reactions. The second part of the video was filmed in London’s Brick Lane and you can watch it HERE.

The one thing remains unclear, were the buyers allowed to keep the bags they got for a bargain price?

Valentino Rockstud Spike handbag