Valentino 2015 revenues increased by 48% totalling 987 million euros

Stefano Sassi, CEO of Valentino has recently confirmed that in 2015 his company grew by 48% to EUR 987 million. “For this year the target remains at a double-digit growth.” Sassi told Italian daily Il Sole 24. From the acquisition in 2012, by Qatari Mayhoola, Valentino’s EBITDA almost doubled to 180.2 million euros, from the previous 98,5 euros, with a sales margin of 18.3% compared to the previous 14.8%, and the EBIT rose to 104.4 million euros compared to 43 million.

“Growth has been determined by four factors. In order of importance, the like-for-like performance of our stores that, at constant exchange rates, led to sales per square meter increased by 20%, with retail and now accounting for 55% of sales. Second, the wholesale recorded a strong performance and we will continue to promote this channel. Finally, we have opened about thirty shops and benefited, as competitors did, from the effect of the currency exchange”

According to the statements made by Sassi to the Confindustria publication the growth of the fashion house has been organic with 160 stores, including those offering the second Red Line, which accounts for about 100 million in revenues, while the men’s segment provides significant opportunities in the coming years.. Accessories now account for more than half of revenues, thanks to the success of the the Rockstud line.

In 2012 at the time of entry Mayhoola Valentino invoiced 370 million and the business plan aimed to reach the billion revenue in five years: the target centered with two years in advance thanks to the huge investments in retail, “250 to 300 million between 2013 and last year, “

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