Tripadvisor, the most powerful review tool for luxury hotels worldwide


Although, some luxury hotels have been doing everything they could to ”ignore” the importance of reviews on TRIPAVISOR, the leading independent hotel review portal, 2010 is the year the American portal has definitely imposed itself as an essential tool for all travellers irrrespective of hotel ranking.

Whether it is a Mandarin Oriental, an IBIS or an independent hotel, TRIPADVISOR has proven it’s reliability when it comes to accurate, unbiased reviews published by actual travellers. With the internet becoming the number one reservations and informational tool for travellers worldwide, TRIPADVISOR has been sensible in building its reputation on the most important feature for all travellers and hotels: TRUST.

With no exception, from small cities to large metropolis, there are hardly any hotels which are not listed on TRIPADVISOR, making it the only available tool in reviewing a hotel. The fact that readers / travellers can interact and exchange views and opinions has also added to the power of the site. The key to the success of TRIPADVISOR has also been the fact that the TRUST has been built in time, making it almost impossible for overnight start up competing web portals.