Toy mascots are out ! Master pets take over as mascots in luxury Parisian hotels

Le Bristol Hotel Paris has Fa-Raon, who recently turned one year old, a beatiful white burma cat. Fa-raon wonders throughout the hotel freely interacting with guests, especially kids…sleeping on a comfortable armchair in the lobby, or in the laundry room which is the warmest in the hotel. Fa-raon’s sitting majestically on a red chair is actually the cover of the hotel’s New Year’s Eve greeting card. 

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Paris has Archie, the ”son” of GM Philippe LeBoeuf. Thanks to Archie, the hotel has a very pet friendly policy and although he is not as often in public areas, you might come accross him when he returns from one of his long walks outside. Mandarin Oriental Paris now send this greeting to all dog owners:

”My name is Archie and my dad is the hotel’s General Manager.  I know all about the place so I thought I’d give you some top tips, dog to dog.


Provided we don’t bark at everyone or pee on anything, we are welcome everywhere in the hotel except for the gym & spa area and the fancy restaurant, Sur Mesure.  (Although ‘entre nous’ Thierry Marx is a dog lover too!)


If you want to go for a walk, ask to be taken to the tree-lined promenade along-side Tuileries.  We’re not allowed into the Jardins de Tuileries themselves, but we can play in the shady lane next to it, and in the big sandy area and lawn near the Louvre. If you need doggy-sitting for a few hours or a full day, the Concierge can arrange something through a really cool company that specialises in long walks in a forest just outside of town – it’s one of my favourite things to do.


As for shopping (who said retail therapy was just for humans?) I can recommend two stores nearby:  If you cross the street and tug towards the left of the hotel, you’ll get to Hermes in a few blocks.  Cross the street and tug right and you’ll get to Goyard.  Both do amazing collars and accessories and I guarantee you’ll be the chic-est chien in your neighbourhood when you get home.  If you need anything else, please let the concierge know and they’ll be happy to help.  Have a great stay!  Archie Lewoof”

For long, prestigious luxury hotels used to have their mascots, some like teddy bears or dolls. Enjoyed equally by adults and children, mascots provide a very home feeling and are a de-stress factor. No matter how tired or stressed one might be, one would not resist to smile when we see a toy. Moreover, the idea of pets is one step further. Personally, I couldn’t help but take tens of photos of Fa-Raon while he was playing (almost tearing down one of the Christmas trees in the lobby), or sitting in the lap of Hypollite, the mascot of the hotel. I believe this could be a huge opportunity for the future for luxury hotels to grasp on – not necessarily with toy look alike mascots or pets but also originally shaped and conceived ”friends”, which single guests would cherish to have in their bedrooms and some may even want to take them home. I have asked a good friend, a designer, to come up with such a ”friend”. I named him Cozminake (see photo in gallery) – no hotel has yet expressed an interest (there is a girl too, Oana)))

Oliver Petcu