Top ten best paid CEOs in fashion in the U.S. includes only one luxury company

WWD is reporting the total 2011 earnings of fashion’s top 67 CEOs in the US, which public companies were required to release to the Securities and Exchange Commission. These numbers take into account stock options, and will fluctuate depending on stock price. It also means that CEOs will only receive a portion of their reported salaries in actual cash–the rest is only valuable on paper.

The top three best paid CEO’s in fashion are Ron Johnson, CEO, J.C. Penney (US$ 53 million), followed by Michael Jeffries, CEO, Abercrombie & Fitch (US$ 48 million) and Neil Cole, president and CEO, Iconix (US$ 37 million).

Andrew Lauren, Ricky Lauren, Ralph Lauren, and David Lauren

Suprisingly, the only luxury fashion company represented in the ranking is Ralph Lauren, which comes in at number 4 – Mr Ralph Lauren, chairman and CEO, Ralph Lauren with US$ 35 million.

The following ranked executives 5. Mark Parker, CEO and president, Nike – US$ 35 million; 7. Michael Kramer, COO, J.C. Penney – US$ 33 million; 8. Reed Krakoff, President, Coach – US$ 21 million

The ranking is similar to other industries, such as hospitality, where executives of five star chains are most often better paid than CEOs of luxury chains.