Top luxury industry executive Maurizio Aschero takes on another challenge

Maurizio Aschero

Recognized as one of the most experienced luxury retail executives specialized in emerging markets,  Maurizio Aschero headed for more than 7 years Helen Marlen, the leading luxury retail group in Ukraine. Aschero has recently decided to leave his position at Helen Marlen in order to run, as General Director and Partner, “Maas Markets Ltd”, a project management and investment company focused on the development of the luxury retail in Ukraine and Russia, with offices in Kiev, Milan and Moscow. In the plans of Maurizio Aschero, there is the immediate support of several Ukrainian retail luxury activities.


“As the luxury retail market is still at the beginning and in big need of specific knowledge, I want to enlarge my range of action in activities connected to fashion retail, but not only, like interior decoration, luxury real estate and other. Maas Markets relies on several international professionals, including architects, who develop high-profile projects for demanding, modern luxury companies.  It is time to break the stagnation in the Ukrainian market. Old ideas and primitive management are keeping the country backward. Ukraine is losing ground to smarter East-European nations.  With Maas Markets I will help young businesses to grow faster and to achieve great results, leaving   the post-soviet and pre-modern companies to their only destiny: disappear. It is time for Ukraine to wake up and catch up with the modern world. Here I am, to help” said Maurizio Aschero in a statement to CPP-LUXURY.COM