Top 10 international destinations for Chinese travelers

Seoul was the most popular international destination among Chinese tourists, thanks in large part to its K-pop phenomenon and K-dramas. According to the number crunchers at CityMetric Intelligence, the South Korean capital received the greatest number of Chinese visitors in 2013, with 4.3 million tourists hopping on a plane, destination Seoul.

After Seoul, the next most popular international destinations among Chinese travelers are Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo and Taipei. The international destination which drew the highest number of Chinese visitors is New York (646,000 visitors), making it the sixth most popular city on the list, and the top long-haul city. The most popular European destination was Moscow.

Chinese travelers took 100 million “outbound” trips this year with the vast majority visiting Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. But the regions of Hong Kong and Macau were excluded in the CityMetric report.

Breguet store, Taipei