Top 10 foreign travel destinations for Chinese in 2015

In the fourth edition of the Chinese International Travel Monitor report by, analysts looked at the travel habits and trends from the biggest travel market in the world, based on the survey results of 3,000 Chinese international globetrotters.

The report predicts that by 2019, the number of outbound Chinese tourists could number 174 million.

Among some of the findings were the most popular destinations for 2015 and landmarks for Chinese travelers.

When asked to name the country they’d most like to visit in 2015, the most popular answer was Australia, followed by Japan, France, Hong Kong and South Korea.

With disposable incomes rising in China, Chinese travelers possess spending power coveted by tourism boards and cities around the world.

A forecast by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, for instance, predicts that by 2019, Chinese tourists will spend $264 billion USD.

Top 10 destinations Chinese travelers would like to visit in 2015

1. Australia
2. Japan
3. France
4. Hong Kong
5. South Korea
6. USA
7. Maldives
8. Germany
9. Thailand
10. Taiwan

Top 10 foreign landmarks for Chinese travelers

1. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
2. Mount Fuji, Japan
3. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
4. Palace of Versailles, France
5. Venice, Italy
6. Grand Canyon, USA
7. Himalayas/Mount Everest
8. Niagara Falls, Canada
9. Acropolis of Athens, Greece
10. Sydney Opera House, Australia

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