Tod’s launches ‘Sartorial Touch’ ultra luxury concept at its flagship store in Milan

Italian luxury shoemaker Tod’s inaugurates Wednesday a new ultra-luxury space called ‘Sartorial Touch’ at its Milan flagship store – 22, Via Spiga). The ‘Sartorial Touch’ concept which covers the entire 4th floor is dedicated to men’s Made to Order products – shoes, bags, luggage and small leather accessories. ’Sartorial Touch’ has been conceived as an exclusive English Men’s club, accessible to select consumers. There is an American Bar and lounge, as well as private tailoring desks.

Tod’s customers will be able to order from a selection of leathers and a particular design, making it an entirely Made to Order product. Diego della Valle, the owner of Tod’s Group explains that his intention is to revive the old tradition of a club, where customers would interact, especially on collectible items but would also have fun, by having a drink at the bar.