Tiffany & Co. pop-up Hong Kong International Airport

Tiffany & Co. launched its Hong Kong International Airport Pop-Up Store earlier this month. Located  at Shop 6E188A, Departures East Hall, Level 6, Terminal 1 of the Airport, just a stone’s throw from Tiffany’s Airport store.

Serving as an add-on shopping option for departing travelers, the Pop-Up Store showcases a new special theme in rotation. The Wedding Diamond Series is the first theme displayed after the curtain rises, and it will be followed by pop-up themes of Stylish Accessories, Christmas Season and Valentine’s Day.

The Pop-Up Store is divided by floor-to-ceiling glass panels, an even more spacious impression is wonderfully refracted by lights. Viewed from above, the store is reminiscent of a stunning diamond, illuminating the entire Departures Hall with its resplendent glory. Together with simple graphic embellishments colored in the house’s legendary Tiffany Blue, travelers are to be embraced by a novel sensation of acquaintance.