Tiffany & Co launches unusual Valentine’s campaign with interactive tattoos

U.S. jeweler Tiffany & Co. is taking an unusual approach to Valentine’s Day marketing, mirroring everlasting love with the permanence of tattoos.

Leading up to the major holiday for all jewelers, Tiffany is giving the lovers’ celebration, typically seen as cutesy, a renegade makeover. Tiffany is leveraging social media and interactive digital elements to allow consumers to send a modern version of a Valentine note.

Tiffany has created an online tattoo generator that users can send to friends and lovers instead of traditional paper Valentines. The brand has incorporated some of its products into tattoo forms. Users can log on to Tiffany’s Web site to interact with the campaign.

The generator will first prompt users to pick out a design from a variety of choices such as images of a locket, a gift, fragrance bottle, LOVE symbol, an hourglass, a diamond, love birds, an anchor, a heart with an arrow, a skull with a top hat and a rose.

After selecting a tattoo, participants then select a color for the tattoo itself and the background. Users can choose from a variety of bright pinks, black and white. Users then type in the text they want to appear on the tattoo, as well as the font.

Once finished, Tiffany prompts users to send their creation to someone, post it to social media or save. As part of the digital hub, Tiffany is encouraging participants to purchase items from its collections, by interweaving products such as necklaces and rings into the tattoo images.

The online generator is a part of a larger, cartoonish campaign from Tiffany for Valentine’s Day. A series of playful videos and images on social media are encouraging consumers to spend their Valentine’s Day funds with Tiffany.

For instance, one cartoon features two lovers kissing on a motorcycle with a Tiffany gift in the front basket. The image is captioned with “This Valentine’s Day, say it with Tiffany. #BelieveInLove.

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