Thierry Andretta steps down as CEO of Lanvin

Thierry Andretta has been at the helm of Lanvin since 2009, as CEO. The company which is privately owned by Taiwanese billionaire Shaw-Lan Wang has not been reporting official financial data, yet it is believed that Andretta’s push to expand mono-brand stores, some directly operated, has been weighing in on the company’s performance.

Lanvin is currently under-represented (mono-brand stores) in key luxury markets such as: Turkey (one boutique in Ankara),  The brand brand is absent from important luxury markets such as: India, Malaysia, South America (only in Brazil with one boutique), Ukraine and Germany.

In March 2012, Andretta was telling MFF that Lanvin is making “healthy, solid” progress as it moves towards its annual turnover target of 500 million euros.

This seems to be an expected move by Andretta, given his intensifying disagreements over the past year with Shaw-Lan Wang over strategic operational decisions, according to WWD.

Lanvin, Men’s only store, New York, NY