The success of luxury brands created by celebrities

Palazzo Margherita Hotel, Italy – owned by Francis Ford Copolla

Nobu Restaurants and Nobu Hotels, TriBeCa Grill, The Greenwich Hotel (NY) are some of the business ventures Hollywood actor Robert de Niro has been involved in. In the majority of cases, de Niro is a co-owner, however, to ensure the success of its businesses, each one is managed by an expert partner (Chef Nobu Matsushita in Nobu restaurants,  Executive Chef Andrew Carmellini at the The Greenwich Hotel, developer Paul Wallace at the TriBeCa Grill.

In most of his interviews, de Niro denies an active involvement in his businesses, however, often times, he does much more than publicity for its new businesses. He has been taking an active role in business development, international media reporting on his recent trip to Malaysia to negotiate the opening of a Tribeca Restaurant in New York with famous Chef Natalia Jibladze.

Ahead of the opening in Las Vegas of the first Nobu Hotel, at Caesar’s Palace, by the end of this year, and the launch of future Nobu Hotels in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) next year, Robert De Niro has been fervently publicizing the concept behind Nobu Hotels.

Francis Ford Coppola’s immense passion for his ancestral Italy has lead him to develop a small luxury boutique hotel, called Palazzo Margherita, in the Southern Italian city of Bernalda. Coppola’s daughter, Sofia Coppola was actively involved in the development of the hotel, which both consider a family affair. Francis Ford Coppola also owns two hotels in Belize and one in Guatemala. Coppola Resorts is also involved with a boutique hotel property in Buenos Aires- Jardin Escondido.

Following his recent ad campaign for ladies’ fragrance Chanel No. 5 (first ever by a male celebrity), Brad Pitt is preparing to launch this month his first furniture collection in collaboration with Franck Pollaro. Like in the case of many other successful celebrity developed luxury brands, Brad Pitt is relying on the expertize of a specialist, in this case, designer Franck Pollaro.

In 2007, celebrity pop singer Justin Timberlake purchased Big Creek Golf Course in his hometown Millington, Tennessee. Following an investment of US$ 16 million, the re-branded Mirimichi Golf received the Futures Award at the Environmental Media Awards for his green-conscious golf course.