The Standard Hotel Hollywood to introduce cannabis-infused edibles and body care products

Minibar sales will go through the roof at The Standard Hollywood in Q1 2018 if its new partner, Lord Jones, earns approval from regulatory authorities in California to lease a retail shop in the hotel’s lobby and sell cannabis-infused edibles and body care products.

“Who would have thought?” Amar Lalvani, CEO and managing partner of Standard International told HOTELS. “We like what they do. We love their aesthetic. It’s another experience for our guests, which is what we are in the business of doing… The nice thing about what we do and being our size is we are not trying to be all things to all people. We like to bring to guests things we think are interesting and we enjoy, and we hope they enjoy them, too.

“We are not forcing them into anything nor are we trying to please everybody. It’s a continuation on what our brand is built on,“ Lalvani added.

Lalvani added. “If you look at the partner we selected and their attention to detail and quality, and from what I have watched and seen it is not a fly-by-night operation, it is not connected to a negative element. It is about people who want to celebrate the beauty of what can be created through this natural product. Their brand is complimentary and an elevated experience relative to what one would imagine with cannabis-based tourism.”

When asked to weigh the positive versus the potential negatives of this decision, Lalvani said, “The negatives are not negatives we worry about. There maybe some people who look at this negatively and that’s ok. Again, we are not trying to be all things to all people. We see Lord Jones as a high-quality partner and we see the landscape as it relates to cannabis evolving, and we think it is positive to be ahead of that and bring something new.”

Lord & Jones cannabis infused products minibar at Standard Holywood