The Stafford Hotel London unveils renovated Carriage House rooms and suites

The Stafford London has commissioned Champalimaud Design to undertake a multi-million-pound redesign of the hotel’s historic Carriage House Suites.

The design team, led by Alexandra Champalimaud, has created “an eclectic take on the hotel’s British heritage with designs that capture the luxurious spirit and contemporary elegance of a glamourous country look”.

Separate from the main hotel and set within a 380-year-old Grade II listed building, which was once the former stables of British nobleman and politician, Lord Francis Godolphin, the Carriage House Suites overlook a quiet, cobbled courtyard.

The 11 suites “capture the adventurous and humorous style of internationally renowned designer, Alexandra Champalimaud, who has envisioned a captivating take on the hotel’s unique British heritage. Drawing inspiration from the quirkiness and individuality found in English homes, each suite portrays the essence of Britishness in a luxurious and contemporary way”.

Champalimaud also transformed the hotel’s famed Guv’nors Suite, now called The Gatehouse. Opening in May, the suite is located adjacent to the Carriage Houses and has been created as a two-bedroom, multi-level townhouse that is bookable as a one-bedroom junior suite, a two-story suite (with dining area) or as the full three-level townhouse, all connected by a private lift.

“This is a proud day in the history of The Stafford,” said the hotel’s general manager Stuart Procter. “The heritage of our Carriage Houses has been honoured and updated for the modern day, with timeless touches that are sure to continue the suites’ legacy of being some of the most luxurious accommodations in all of London. We are excited to welcome guests to experience this landmark new chapter in the life of the hotel.”

“The Stafford has an extraordinary story to tell that is different from other luxury hotels in London – and the Carriage House rooms play a very big role in that story. These rooms as we conceived them were not to be heavy or stereotype in their design, tedious or too historic in nature, even laden with too much fact; our design, although entirely fitting looks forward with freshness and humour. We have been careful to tell the story magically, bringing the very Britishness and spirit of what is so special about this charming place to life,” stated Alexandra Champalimaud, Founder of Champalimaud.