The Romanian noble family of Sturdza and their passion for perfection

Next in line heir to the centuries old noble family of Sturdza, Prince Serban Dimitrie Sturdza returned to Romania in 1999 with the dream of pursuing his family’s immense heritage into the XXI st century. Old Romanian family, whose origins can be traced back to the 1540s, the Sturdza family has been long and intimately associated with the government first of Moldavia and afterwards of Romania. 

Immediately after the Greek revolution, Prince Ioan Sturdza took an active part in subduing the roving bands of Eterists in Moldavia; he transformed the Greek language elementary schools into Romanian language ones and laid the foundation for that scientific national development which Prince Mihai Sturdza continued after 1834, especially after his founding of an upper school in the Trei Ierarhi Cathedral complex in IaÅŸi. Although his project for the confiscation of some Church properties was initially blocked by Russia, Sturdza opted not to revise his position.

Contested by the boyars who had taken refuge in Imperial Russia during Ypsilanti’s military rule over the country, and threatened to lose his throne after the 1826 Russo-Turkish Akkerman Convention that established a seven-year term in office for Princes elected by the Divan (confirmed by the Ottomans, with Russia’s approval), Sturdza agreed to many boyar demands, including tax cuts and exemptions from conscription. However, Sturdza ensured meritocratic criteria in access to public offices. In 1828, the Russians entered the country during the War and took Prince Ioan prisoner. He died while being kept in Bessarabia and was later buried in IaÅŸi.

Upon his return to Romania in 1999, Prince Serban Dimitrie Sturdza has made a commitment to resort justice not only by claiming back former properties on the family but also restoring the family reputation. Having been educated in France, Prince Sturdza has identified many exceptional business opportunities in Romania, an emerging market with a lot of potential. One of his  natural choices has been to rebuild the hotel CHERICA, which was once inhabited by Princess Cherica. Built by Greek monks in the early XIX century, the Cherican Hotel used to operate initially like Calugarul Hotel (Monk Hotel). Later, it became a residence.

Early 2007, Prince Serban Dimitrie Sturdza has embarked on an elaborate reconstruction and restoration works of the Cherica building, to open it one year later as CHERICA Hotel, today the most luxurious hotel in Constanta. The attention to detail, the personalized warm service and its impeccable location downtown Constanta overlooking the sea, make the hotel the prime destination for both high ranking business and official representatives as well as the most discerning Romanian and international tourist.

The CAFE CAFE restaurant of the hotel offers a wide variety of top fusion Mediterranean dishes and is widely reviewed as one of the best restaurants in Constanta. The frequent guests of the hotel are mostly intellectuals, member of the Romanian Academy, artists, writers as well as top executives of local and multinational companies.

The hotel is currently developing a massage and jacuzzi room and plasma screens are gradually introduced to all rooms. Standard amenities and services include: beach towels, free parking, valet service, fresh flowers in suites, complimentary mineral water.

Mircea Filimon