The Ritz-Carlton takes over management of Hotel de la Paix in Geneva

Hotel de la Paix (A Ritz-Carlton Partner Hotel) has undergone a comprehensive renovation which includes reducing the number of hotel guestrooms to 75 stunning luxury accommodations featuring refreshed, modern and generously proportioned suites. The renovation was overseen by Pierre Yves Rochon.

The Hotel De la Paix, built in the center of Geneva in 1865, has been witness to a multitude of historical world events. In January 1872, the international arbitration tribunal for the Alabama Claims met at the Hotel De la Paix. Today, the Alabama Salon still serves as a reminder of this important event within the hotel. And as with all iconic treasures in Europe, many decorated and well-known personalities have been hosted, one of whom was Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, who whiled away the hours on the banks of Lake Geneva savoring the glorious views over Mont Blanc.

The hotel is owned by the Manz family and it will be managed by The Ritz-Carlton. Ljuba Manz-Lurje, Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Manz Privacy Hotels Switzerland AG, said “I am delighted that the hotel De La Paix, the jewel of Geneva, will be managed by The Ritz-Carlton, one the of the world’s most famous and luxurious hotel companies.”

Embedded between Alpine peaks and the hilly terrain of the Jura, the French-speaking city of Geneva lies in the bay where the Rhone leaves Lake Geneva. With its humanitarian tradition and cosmopolitan flair, the European seat of the United Nations and headquarters of the Red Cross is best-known as the capital of peace. Water flows through the center of the city into the River Rhône and museums, shops, restaurants, and parks jostle for space on the history-laden south shore known as Rive Gauche and the eponymous Quai Mont-Blanc is one of the most famous addresses in the city of Geneva.

Restaurants include Fiskebar (the city’s first Nordic-influenced eatery specializing in fresh seafood and locally-sourced organic ingredients) and the Living Bar & Kitchen (offering farm-fresh fare with a side of Lake Geneva views for breakfast and lunch). True to Swiss tradition, the hotel also features a chocolate shop, Philippe Pascoët’s delicious boutique offering an artful taste of the country’s most celebrated sweet.