The premium car sector is slowly recovering

According to the UniCredit analysts, the premium car industry has started to recover from the blow it took at the beginning of the economic crisis. The revenue per unit for BMW has risen by 2,6% to 35,573 euros for BMW, while Mercedes has know a 9,8% increase to 41,399 euros in the first trimester. These figures show that the auto market is slowly recovering from the damages of the financial crisis. The number of licensed cars for BMW, Daimler and Audi has reached an unprecedented number in the past year in Europe and in the US.

The increase in sales and the positive financial results are reflected in the brands’ strategies for the future. Daimler announces that they will put an end sooner than expected to the technical unemployment and to the severe salary cuts that were affecting almost 96,000 employees in several German factories. BMW Group is also very confident in the months that are to come, counting on an even larger increase of sales due to the recent release of the new 5 Series model of BMW and the Mini Countryman model. However, according to various brand representatives, the European market will experience a slow recovery and it will not reach the same level as before the crisis until 2013 or 2014. Consequently, the battle for supremacy on the premium car segment will be held in the emerging markets.