The potential of grown aromatherapy flowers in luxury hotel rooms

Lemongrass flowers

For the past ten years less and less hotels are placing fresh flowers in rooms, setting up a single arrangement in the hotel lobby. Even these arrangements have now been ”cut” by the crisis and pot flowers with a longer life have replaced the fresh flowers. There are also the landmark exceptions such as the Four Seasons George V in Paris, the Four Seasons at the Bosphorus in Istanbul and the recently opened Armani Hotel in Dubai, the three hotels ranking as the top luxury hotels with the most beautiful and lavish flower arrangements worldwide. Other major chains such as Mandarin Oriental are traditionally placing orchids in a pot in all rooms at properties worldwide.

Rosemary, lavender, jasmine, lemongrass are just some of the flowers which are so commonly used in aromatherapy under the form of cosmetics or essential oils. Obviously, any manager would have an obvious relucatant attitude to such an idea considering the cost. One will be surprised how inexpensive a pot with one of these flowers is in any flower market, let alone wholesale where a much more competitive price could be obtained.

Such planted flowers in pot would not only last longer in guest rooms but would also create the beautiful aromatherapy smell. And they could be differentiated by the type of aromatherapy: for instance in a suite, a lemongrass would be ideal in the living room with its fresh scent, while lavender would be most suitable for the bedroom in helping sleep.

to be continued on 12th July