The perils of digital media databases in luxury

Several digital paid-membership based hubs have sprung up in the world of luxury in past 3 years, most of them emerging from Europe. Such platforms claim that based on ‘advanced technology’ they collect publicly available data from luxury brands creating a ‘paid luxury google’. Through dubious sourcing scripts and without any authorization, they are collecting data such as store locations to then compile this freely available information and then sell it through a ‘vault-type’ online platform to individuals who have an interest in luxury, be it luxury professionals, investors, developers but mostly suppliers to the luxury industry such as real estate brokers, advertising agencies etc.

Besides collecting illicitly data for commercial purpose, such platforms are openly gathering information and data from most online media outlets such as CPP-LUXURY.COM without mentioning the source, let alone provide a link to the source of information. CPP-LUXURY.COM has repeatedly notified the developers of such platforms, promising to notify individually each luxury brand for the unlawful manner in which data is being collected and then overtly used for commercial gains. As an example, one such platform, lists a wealth of information on each luxury brands, from financials, executive team, history, advertising, store locator etc.

An in-depth investigation is currently being compiled by CPP-LUXURY.COM with the participation of select internationally recognized law firms specializing in intellectual property. The information will be published under the form of a series of analysis articles.

CPP-LUXURY.COM is considering launching a similar platform by the end of November, however, on a full complimentary access base.

Digital data warning