The perils of digital media databases in luxury (updated)

Following our previous report on the fraudulent practices of digital media hubs to extract data from major luxury brands to then use them for a commercial gain through vaulted platforms, we were pleased that took a transparent approach publishing openly all new store openings articles on its Facebook page and other social media. Although they would still not mention the source, it is however, a huge step in providing such data free of charge.

Unlike, another French start-up company (based in Paris) is pursuing its illegal practices, sourcing through illicit scripts a wide range of data on all major luxury brands. The service is available for outrageous fees between 400 and a 4000 euros per person. The platform has no prior authorization from any of the luxury brands, moreover, many of the copy-paste articles are sourced from CPP-LUXURY.COM,, Pambianconews, WWD, FashionMag Premium etc.

For instance, data on each luxury brands featured on the Paris based platform includes:

- company history and logo

- names of top executives – including history

- creative director or creative management team (updated)

- company financials

- store locator with existing and new openings (not just a listing of store addresses but also photos of the respective stores)

- latest advertising campaigns including brand ambassadors – analysis articles concerning the performance of the brands (trends, comments by analysis etc)

We at CPP-LUXURY.COM strong urge these companies to stop such practices and the use their ”exceptional technical capabilities” to source data automatically for commercial gains. This is an obvious infringement of any intellectual property legislation, applicable worldwide and together with our lawyers and other online news publishers we endeavor to file joint legal action, should these practices continue.

CPP-LUXURY.COM announces it will launch a similar platform #luxurybook by the end of this year perfectly in line with worldwide intellectual property legislation and in partnership with all major luxury companies / Groups. The service will be completely free of charge.

Elocations (Location Group) – source: Facebook