THE ORGANIC PHARMACY, pure organic beauty products that work

The Organic Pharmacy, London

Founded in London in 2002 by Margo Marrone, a pharmacist and homeopath and her husband Francesco an Italian graphic designer, The Organic Pharmacy is an innovative concept using 21st century technology and research to provide luxurious organic and effective products, as well as homeopathic remedies. The company’s promiss is to deliver the best products, advice and treatments free from all the toxic ingredients commonly found in mainstream cosmetics and health products.

While the concept of organic beauty and well being products is not new, most of homeopathic remedies being available at specialist pharmacies and several other international brands producing natural products with organic ingredients, The Organic Pharmacy has succesfully introduced a different approach to packaging and marketing such products. Understated and luxury at the same time, The Organic Pharmacy brand is about …

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