The Marlton, New York’s latest luxury boutique hotel debuts September in Greenwich Village

Following a multi-million dollar renovation by hotelier Sean MacPherson, The Marlton at 5 West 8th Street, just off Washington Square Park, reopens September 2013 as a stylish, yet affordable, boutique hotel inspired by post-war Paris as well as its own Greenwich Village past. A favourite of the Beat Generation, the historic building, now reborn as an elegant 107-room “Baby Grand” boutique property, is steeped in warm Parisian-style influences, making it a supremely welcoming environment that also pays tribute to its own rich past. Built in 1900, the building once known as the Marlton House has long attracted bold-faced names and counterculture icons.

With 107 rooms spread over nine floors and including two penthouse suites with terraces, the hotel maintains the original bones and architecture of the historic structure, while updating it with an eclectic refinement. The ground floor will house a 100-seat restaurant in the rear of the lobby with a skylight terrace, as well as a coffee bar.  MacPherson envisions an open, flowing space.

MacPherson’s properties, including The Bowery and The Maritime, have a track record of elevating the areas surrounding them, and West 8th Street will be no exception. The block is undergoing its own transformation, from a muddle of shoe stores and quick-change storefronts to a vibrant and cutting-edge retail and lifestyle hub.  With Stumptown Coffee, Organic Avenue, artisanal popcorn shop Populence

The Marlton Hotel, Greenwich Village, New York