The Luxury Consumer in Romania, a Sophisticated Intellectual

Big players active on the luxury market believe that the romanian luxury consumer fits the profile of a refined man, able to trully appreciate a brand, who desires the caress that such a brand can offer. When the romanian citizen, like any other luxury consumer, buys the mentioned product, his qualitative standard rises and he expects that the brand will meet its expectations and even top them.


“The consumer is firstly someone that can truly appreciate the brand. When talking about L’Occitane, this is the place when somebody comes for a gentle caress, for a surprise, or for the regular shower gel always present near the bathtub. That’s why I think that we have many types of customers, but, unlike cars, yachts, luxury pools, cosmetics are highly accessible. You can have your little piece of something special, and I think that this is the common treat for our customers: these are people who want to have their little pleasures and have chosen to do so” said Andreea Ionescu, retail marketing director Ad Pharma.


Similar beliefs are shared by Adrian Adam, sales and marketing manager at Radisson SAS Bucharest. He believes that the romanian market is still years away from being mature and consumer profiles are still to be defined. There are consumers that do not afford such services but still, they have defined certain lifestyles and will not accept compromises in quality, so they will most likely go with luxury products most of the time.


„Real luxury consumers won’t back down when brand prestige is involved. The inner satisfaction is felt when luxury products are chosen, instead of similar products in terms of quality but lacking the brand notoriety and symbol” said the Radisson SAS manager.


Madelaine Florescu, owner of luxury parfume store Madison, tries to put into cathegories the romanian luxury consumer, who is not different from the european or american consumer.


„I’ve always stated that these customers are very likely at a global level. On one side we have the discreet, sophisticated and pretentious who are intimate about the parfumes they wear. On the other hand,  we have the loud, shocking reaction –seekers, conquerors, attention seekers, and these are the most difficult to satisfy” she said. At the same time, there is also the moderate luxury consumer, that only owns two or three parfumes and desires something qualitative that can provide the uique touch.


„With these three cathegories we’ve covered most of the luxury consumers, no matter of location. It could be at Madison as well as ar Bergdorf Goodman in New York” said the Madiosn owner.


However, just as luxury brands representative in Romania admit, there are those who chase labels, that are after brands only to achieve status or collect trophies.


“If you are looking closely to the Romanian market, you could clearly see that we are label-chasers. When somebody comes to a meeting, he puts on the table the phone, car keys and sunglasses in order to make a statement. This is not something that happens in other countries. I have seen managers that owned cheap phones just because it was enough for them. The false luxury consumer would go to Paris or Milan in order to shop from stores he knows for sure that are luxury, then he will show off with the label” also said the AdPharma representative.


The conclusion that these people have reached is that true luxury consumer fits the profile of the educated, refined businessman, that can make the difference between real luxury and counterfeits. He is used to luxury services and is looking for something special in everything, that can make the difference between luxury and something lower in quality.


This is why the approach for such a customer is made by identifying taste patterns, relying on the emotional factor as a differentiator.