The invaluable insights of a local experienced luxury retailer (Romania)

Daniel Rosner (photo: Business Magazin)

CPP-LUXURY.COM has recently interviewed Daniel Rosner, the Managing Director of ALSA GROUP, one of the pioneers of luxury fashion and accessories retail in Eastern Europe.

CPP: What is the most important feature of a successful luxury fashion brand nowadays?

DR: It is my belief that the positioning, diversity and coherence are the key ingredients. The lines that used to divide targeted consumers demographics nowadays have the tendency to fade, consequently, it’s crucial that a brand can attract the new generation of luxury aspirational consumers as well as retain the more traditional customers who developed certain expectations and expect the defining consistency in the brand values.

CPP: Which are the main categories of luxury fashion and accessories consumers in the Romanian market?

DR: It’s a mélange. In reference to our brand portfolio, mainly self made business men or women,  professionals , fashion consumers and a new generation of aspirational customers.

CPP: Are men more loyal consumers? If yes, why?

DR: Men are by definition prisoners of their own habits. If ladies tend to be more adventures in terms of finding new shops, new looks, men appreciate the lack of fuss that comes with the known.

CPP: How does ZEGNA manage to stay on top?

DR: Compared to its main competitors, Zegna found the resources to widen its offer. With the current collections of Sartoria, Couture, Made to Measure, Upper Casual , Z Zegna, Zegna Sport, Accessories, Eyewear , Fragrances, nowadays is not only targeting its typical consumer but able to offer a pertinent choice to the fashionistas, the current dandies or the new generations of its traditional customers. The products are not only esthetically appealing but also technologically innovative assuring a contemporary take on traditional luxury without compromising on quality.

CPP: What is the secret behind the success of Alsa Group?

DR: Adapting in real time to market conditions. Adapting our development strategies, commercial policies, HR development plans in a manner that allows us to be on the forefront of market changes. With the risk of sounding trivial, passion is the key ingredient. Both the team and I still share a sense of excitement about what we are doing and that creates a major difference in the way we relate to the business.

CPP: Why do you think many top international luxury brands are still not present in Romania ?

DR: Because Romania is in fact THE definition of an emerging market, where consumers are still in the process of developing affinities towards a specific brand or label and are still in the process of searching their own visual identity. It is quite difficult in these conditions to develop a coherent business plan.

CPP: How do you perceive the impact of the current crisis on consumers?

DR: I think that beyond the obvious negative effects, there are a few positive aspects as well. We can now talk about a more regimented market, where the strongest survive assuring a natural selection. There is a return to a more conservative, traditional approach to fashion that emphasizes true values. Regarding consumers, I think we’ll notice a decrease in impulse purchases, a stronger brand affinity and a reorientation towards more traditional versatile pieces.