The hotel room of the future

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

With the occasion of the Hotel Hospitality and Design expo in Sydney, design company John Beazely and Co presented “Hotel Room of the Future” exhibit which introduces latest state of the art features in hotel rooms such as “zero-gravity” beds, self-darkening glass and doors that are unlocked by one’s mobile phone in the hotel rooms of tomorrow.

The “Hotel Room of the Future” aims to cater to the every whim of today’s travellers who demand the latest in technology. Some of the devices have just been launched in Australia, while others have been turning heads overseas and are gradually making their way Down Under.

Customers will be able to check-in and manage their in-room dining via their mobile phone with the MyStayManager smartphone technology. To access the room you call a number and then hold up your mobile phone to the top of the door handle to unlock it.

Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. .End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar. The mobile technology has just been launched as is currently being trialled by two major Australian hotel chains, MyStayManager’s Gidon Sattinger said.

Once inside the room, guests can play videos, music and explore their location from a coffee table with a large touch screen on top. Known as the the NSquared device, three new applications have just been launched which allow you to order room service or build an itinerary for your stay, and send it to the front desk to action.

The hotel’s Suite Control device allows you to customise the room to suit your mood. The iGlass window can switch from clear to white at the touch of a button, providing increased privacy. Based on liquid crystal polymer technology, it switches over within 20 milliseconds to hide you from the outside world.

In a similar style to Japan, toilets will be automated, sensing when you come within 1.8m and opening the lid for you. Once you’ve finished and walk away, it flushes the toilet automatically and the lid closes.

“Self-cleaning” tiles on the bathroom floor will have an anti-bacterial layer that also claims to break down pollutants. But watch out – soon you won’t be able to sneak items from the mini-bar again.

The “Bartech” fridge automatically registers when you take a drink and charges it to your account. If you change your mind, there’s a time limit to put it back and not be charged.

When it comes to sleeping, the AH Beard creation with an ergomotion base claims to let guests experience “zero gravity” and comes with three massaging settings. The beds are currently available in stores for around $10,000, but the company predicts that they will be coming to more four or five-star Australian hotels soon.

Those looking to get physical can take advantage of a kinesis gym that is fitted to the wall and folds out, offering “200 exercises in one square metre”.

The room also has a large screen television that controls many of the room’s functions, as well as an iPad device that can be used as a remote control for the television.