The collective wealth of Britain’s 1.000 richest, rises by 30%

SUNDAY TIMES reports that the wealth of the Britains’ 1.000 richest  has risen by 30% in the past year, the richest man Indian tycoon Lakshmi Mittal almost trippled his fortune which reached a staggering GBP 22,5 billion. Richard Branson made a spectacular leap to the Top 100.

British media has been publishing negative reviews and analysis insisting that the combined wealth of the 1.000 wealthiest in Britain accounts for 1/3 of Britain’s economic deficit.  

CPP highlights another important aspect which is the fact that the fortunes of the wealthiest Russians increased only for those living abroad, especially the U.K, while the economic crisis has almost halved the fortunes of Russians residing home. Many wealthy Russians have recently relocated their residence to UAE’s Dubai, accounting for 30% of all sales of luxury goods in Dubai.