The Anand Delhi Horse Show, India’s largest equestrian show to take place March 30 to April 8

Anand Delhi Horse Show, New Delhi, India

The Anand Delhi Horse Show 2012, sponsored by Anand and organized by The Army Polo club is slated to take place between the 30th March to 8th April 2012 at the The Army Equestrian Centre, Delhi Cantonment.  Anand has been an active sponsor of the Delhi Horse Show for the last 27 years.

India’s largest Equestrian Event ‘The Anand Delhi Horse Show’ is today the country’s premier equestrian event and forms the backbone of the equestrian tradition of India. In the finest traditions of the military, the Delhi Horse Show was first organized by the Indian Army in the 1930’s. It was revived 27 years ago and today, the Horse Show hosts over a 500 magnificent Horses, 600 Riders and 100 events. Considered the most prestigious in the country, ‘The Delhi Horse Show’ attracts the largest participation from the best talent across all age groups from around the country.

The grand finale includes the following special events:

April 6th – 7.30 pm – The Gabriel Senior, Young Rider and Junior Rescue Relay

April 7th – 7.30 pm- The SUJAN Open Jumping Six Bar

April 8th – 7.30 pm- The Purolator Open Jumping Puissance

Mr. Jaisal Singh, member of the Anand Supervisory Board, COO & Founder of Sujan Luxury Hotels comments,” This is unarguably the finest, largest and the most prestigious equestrian event in India and we are proud to have been associated with it for over a quarter of a century. “ Jaisal Singh played his first chukker of competitive polo at the age of 14, and has been involved with the game ever since. As a keen historian with a particular interest in the origins and subsequent growth of the game, especially in India, Jaisal Singh is a prominent figure on the Indian polo scene and a renowned commentator on the sport. He has represented the Jodhpur polo team among others, both at home in India and extensively abroad. In 1988, Jaisal Singh competed in his first Delhi Horse Show and till he started playing Polo, he continued to compete. He has also fielded his own team, SherBagh and Sujan Tigers, both at home and abroad.

About The Delhi Horse Show:

The origin of the Delhi Horse Show lies in training for warfare. Sport on horseback was part of training to be a good soldier. In the finest traditions of the military, the first Delhi Horse Show was held on either side of the Rajpath and was a big social event. Post 1947, India’s independence, the annual Delhi Horse Show shifted to the Red Fort, and rather like Polo, attracted the cream of Delhi society and Indian royalty. And through the President’s Estate Polo Club, with the backing of the President’s Bodyguard, the Delhi Horse

Show was reborn at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.  The area of attention shifted to young riders of India. From the year 2002 onwards, the Show is now held at the Army Equestrian Centre, Delhi Cantonment. The Equestrian feats displayed here are a marvel to watch and unique in their beauty and grace, encompassing the drama and excitement of show jumping, the elegance of dressage and unity between horse and rider. This remarkable sport has gathered rapid momentum over the past decade and has become an immensely popular and highly visible spectator sport. The Delhi Horse Show is an ideal platform to identify, encourage and nurture the young and to laud the established equestrian talent of the nation.