The 5 Most Luxurious Places in the World to Live

You have the whole world to choose from as to where to reside, so you want it to be the best place for you – somewhere that will provide you with the luxury you’re looking for, and somewhere that will cater to your individual preferences. You may want to wake up to some of the world’s most sublime landscapes, or you might like pockets of unexplored jungle on your doorstep. However, you might have more of an urban focus, in which case you’ll appreciate world renowned restaurants, hotels, and a vibrant social scene going on around you.


This is a place of culture and history, and if you were armed with the right book could walk through this city state pulling historical narratives out of the fountains and buildings and monuments on display – but, if you aren’t into your architecture then there’s still plenty there for you. Monaco is the place where you need to have the right car and the right yacht to express yourself, and where you can spend your whole life in style. Make sure you check out the world-famous Monte Carlo casino while you’re there.


Again, a yacht wouldn’t be a bad idea if you’re looking for the best Caribbean home for sale – because that way you could make trips see what each island has to offer casually. Search for the right home for you with Provenance Properties. You can enjoy the forests and swamps full of the world’s rarest species if you want a nature day, while the beaches and the facilities for water sports and activities are second to none.


Singapore is continuing to build up its capacity to cater for some of the world’s richest individuals. This means more luxury hotels, more luxury casinos, and more world-class restaurants. This city is home to some of the most sophisticated fine dining menus that money can buy. Izy, a Japanese-themed restaurant, is only one of many that you shouldn’t miss out on.


You can see some of the most delicate landscapes that it’s possible to see when climbing a Belizean peak or following one of its magical rivers to the source; however, even if you are a nature lover, don’t miss out on the vibrant community aspects of the country. English is the official language, and you can meet English speakers from all of the surrounding countries, and from the Caribbean and the United States, and you can enjoy the luxury offered by the low cost of living. It’s also one of the easiest countries for a foreigner to establish residency in.


Beaches, mountains, jungles on the doorstep – you can have it as exotic as you like, and there are areas where the weather can almost be guaranteed to be blissful. Like Belize, you won’t find it difficult to move here, and you can take advantage of some of the country’s excellent facilities. Thailand’s healthcare service is extremely high quality, and many of the amenities are also English language-focused, partly because there is a booming English-speaking tourism industry.