THE 13 Hotel in Macau claims to be world’s most expensive hotel ever built

First announced in 2013 THE 13 hotel is expected to open in late summer 2016 at a cost of over US$7 million per room. Virtually every design detail in the hotel is bespoke and created especially for THE 13. Everything from the elaborately detailed Baroque scroll-work, to the sculptures, to the fabrics, to the wall coverings, to the furniture, to the tableware, to the Rolls-Royce Phantoms was created by Mr. Hung and THE 13’s talented team of designers.

“As the business and the brand have developed, we felt that the name ‘THE 13’ most accurately reflected our Macau hotel’s combination of Baroque inspiration and contemporary accents. Our brand represents a unique vision of a global luxury lifestyle based on strong bespoke traditions while embracing modern elements that enhance these traditions,” explained Stephen Hung, Co-Chairman. “13 is my lucky number and the new name along with the new logo fit perfectly with my vision,” said Mr. Hung. “There is a hint of tradition while also suggesting a chic and fun edginess.”

The Villa du Comte is a split-level, one-bedroom villa with the following features:

• Private Elevator Lobby. To ensure the ultimate in privacy, all guests access their villas via elevators which open directly into the villa’s private elevator lobby, like a New York style penthouse.
• Butler Service. Every villa is supported by 24-hour butler service from THE 13’s team of majordome, trained by world famous MCM Palace Consultants and certified by the English Guild of Butlers.
• Spectacular Décor. The décor combines spectacular floor to ceiling baroque details and period artworks contrasted with surprising modern elements woven together through exceptional craftsmanship to create an environment of unparalleled romance, elegance and luxury.
• Roman Bath. 6-8 guests can relax in the Villa du Comte’s ornate marble Roman Bath beautifully presented under a vaulted baroque ceiling supported by neo-classical columns and lit by a spectacular crystal chandelier. When not in use, the Roman Bath is covered by a retractable marble floor.
• Stained-Glass and Marble Bathroom. Guests bathe under art covered ceilings lit by standing candelabra. A rain shower and electric bidet toilet are hidden behind a floor to ceiling stained-glass façade.
• Royal Bedroom. The villa bedroom features a king-size, velvet-canopied bed with an elaborately carved and gilded Baroque headboard in the royal tradition.
• Diamond Series Furniture. To complement the Baroque setting, Mr. Hung created, together with leading artisans, a glittering series of faceted chrome furniture for the living room, bedroom and bathroom.
• Rolls-Royce Transportation. On arrival and departure, all hotel guests receive complimentary transfer to and from Macau transportation hubs via THE 13’s fleet of bespoke, red, extended wheel base Rolls-Royce Phantoms.